Nigeria a multi ethnic nation

You can worship your God in Nigeria without anyone stopping you from demonstrating what you believe in.

The most (and least) culturally diverse countries in the world

We hope to use this symposium, insha Allah to free the minds of multitudes that have been misinformed, from this rather simplistic hollow concept of religious coloration to the spate of attacks on innocent citizens who are of various religious beliefs".

I am not aware of any religion that promotes or encourages unprovoked attack on other people. The truth is that nobody believed that with the multi-ethnic groups brought together as one country by the colonial masters, they will be able to stay together and resolve their differences each time there they had one.

Those who are against peaceful change in this country are those who are beneficiaries of the present status quo that is inherently unjust, oppressive and exploitative, yet they are calling for unity. The society which came into being in is a pace -setting Islamic organisation which has made giant strides particularly in the areas of spiritual mass mobilisation, muslim education, economic empowerment of muslims and partnering with governments at all levels in strengthening national integration, peace and unity in the country.

There are crises here and there. A very crucial factor in nation building in Nigeria is that of accommodation and integration among the various peoples of the country. We enjoy making things come to life. With its level of enlightenment, development and civilisation, one had expected Britain to be more interested in impressing it on the minds of Nigerian leaders that the best way to lay a solid national foundation that will usher in the expected level of peace and development is to build a nation that is anchored on justice and equity.

Replying to this suggestion, Achebe accused Solarin of insensitivity and inhumanity and tagged him as a lunatic Achebe, Opinions were divergent on the issue of a national indigenous language because of the fear of linguistic and cultural domination of minorities.

The Federal Government made the declaration on Thursday through a statement issued by Lt. The article was not edited by staff personnel. Sylvester Nwobu-Alor, Second Republic legislator.

He decried the activities of the sect which he said attempted to hijack government's efforts towards national unity and progress. Problems generally arise as a result of differences in culture, tradition, religion and language.

Unleashing the military to suppress opposition and agitations is only postponing the evil day. In Britain which is a constitutional monarchy, any major state party advocating for the abolition of the English crown knows that it has committed electoral suicide.

No society can really attain its economic and political heights when the ingredients of peace, harmony social developments are lacking. Even the fact that by the early s many Nigerians had had the opportunities of studying abroad was equally a remote motion towards independence.

Britain and Nigeria’s unity: Matters Arising

Even the tactics used by the British in maintaining stability in Nigeria during the colonial era has also combined with ethnic and religious crises to fan into flame the problem of differences in Nigeria.

But then, one could ask: The two can never be separated. Nigeria is a multi-religious, multi-ethnic nation and has been having its fair share in the distractions that come with this colouration. It was also their wish to rid the Nigerian people of any proper political consciousness.

Exclusiveness is an attribute of ethnicity, in group-out, group-in bounding emerged with it and, in time, become mark more distinct than before and jealously guarded, by the various ethnic groups.

Let them rot in detention until the kingdom comes. It is clear that the terrorist attacks are targeted at all segments of our society and I seize this opportunity to call on them to come forward for a dialogue.

Rather than harnessing our diversities towards viable national development, we have become slaves to our ethnic origins to which our allegiance is largely focused at the detriment of nation building.

It has therefore become imperative that all nations of the world that aspire to be great, must as a matter of necessity tow the path of peace among its people whether multi religious or multi- ethnic.

So, why should we be degrading ourselves as if some Nigerians are more important than others?. 13 days ago · A legal wag genuflecting on President Muhammadu Buhari’s latest executive salvo noted that the former infantry general has finally declared “ a rule of war” on the nation.

How Nigeria’s Unity Can Be Sustained – Obasanjo “The media is supposed to be a servant of the people and if the media stop to be an honest servant of the people, then there is no sane society. Nigeria as a multi-ethnic society is a flashpoint of all kind of instability such as political and ethno-religious violence.

It is based on these premises that, this paper study the involvement in. Generally, the National Policy of Education in Nigeria is based on the dynamic model of formulating educational policies, which is adaptive to changes and most appropriate for a developing country and multi-ethnic nation like Nigeria.

With over languages spoken (Ethnologue ) it is of no doubt that Nigeria is truly a multi-ethnic Nation. Nigeria was created during the British colonial rule. It was established in when Lord Fredrick Lugard (the First Governor General) joined the two British protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria and the crown colony of.

A caution: Cultural diversity is a different concept than ethnic diversity. As a result, a map of the world reflecting ethnic diversity looks somewhat different than the one based on Goren’s cultural diversity measure that combines language and ethnicity profiles of a country.

Nigeria a multi ethnic nation
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