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Common misconceptions In the menstrual cycle, you may have problems relating the time of conception to the condition of the lining of the uterus.

You should have investigated fermentation in fungi. The files that I want aren't opening after I download them. I've been receiving a lot of e-mails recently about whether I'm going to update the PowerPoints and resources on the website for the new courses.

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The effect of light intensity is explained by the need for light to bring about reactions in photosynthesis. These stem cells can divide, differentiate and become specialised to form tissues, organs and organ systems. Cell surface exposed is covered by cilia, which wave in sync to move particles i.

There are ethical questions around using placebos in tests on people with a disease 4. You will expand your knowledge of the interdependencies between organisms within ecosystems in Topic B3.

Research into Xenopus laevis pregnancy testing to detect hCG by the stimulation of oogenesis. Inside the nucleus is the nucleolus. The cells are held in place by the basement membrane, which is secreted by the epithelial cells.

In the meantime, keep checking and using the resources already on here for the older courses. The immune system of the human body works to protect us against disease caused by pathogens.

Cilia waft up mucus to back of throat. Examine the gross structure of blood vessels using a light microscope. They are the site of photosynthesis. The choice of a concept-based arrangement did not preclude a wide and varied use of appropriate contexts for content delivery, but provided greater flexibility to approach topics thematically, scaffold learning, and make conceptual connections across different topics.


Be able to describe the relationship between health and disease Practical work: The rate of water uptake by a plant can be affected by environmental factors. Research into hormonal treatments for infertility B3. Hormones often mediate cell communication.

The ability of plants to protect themselves against pathogens is important in human food security. The short answer is: What are the passive processes and what does this mean. A hormone molecule will bind to a receptor on the cell surface if the shape is complimentary, like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Many factors need to be considered when prescribing treatments, including the likely effectiveness, risk of adverse reactions and the costs and benefits to the patient and others.

Clear diagrams and explanations, straightforward language, and targeted learning outcomes drawn from the specification content accompany a variety of questions and tasks to create an innovative resource that encourages achievement in students of all abilities. Yes, but probably not before Christmas The reactions in photosynthesis and many other biological processes are catalysed by enzymes.

There is some confusion as to stem cells: HT only Be able to use the inverse square law to explain changes in the rate of photosynthesis with distance from a light source.

How are neutrophils specialised. As for any immediate wholesale changes to the site, I am simply too busy. Once the body has made antibodies against a pathogen, memory cells stay in the body to make antibodies quickly upon re-infection immunity.

It can also be used to make predictions about the effect on the rate of enzyme-catalysed reactions when the substrate concentration, temperature and pH are changed. Undifferentiated stem cells in bone marrow How do they become erythrocytes?.

Engaging videos explaining the concepts as well as exam questions and answers for OCR AS (A-level) Biology for the new Specification. OCR Gateway GCSE Biology B past exam papers and marking schemes, the past papers are free to download for you to use as practice for your exams.

Biology Understanding organisms Fitness and health, human health and diet, staying healthy, the nervous system, drugs and you, staying in balance, controlling plant growth, variation and inheritance. New OCR 21st Century GCSE Science () Exam Revision Checklist. Cell Biology Division and Transport.

Active Transport. This resource is a list of the revision tasks I've set my AS Biology students. Feel free to edit them depending on how you want to use them or what your school uses. I'll be posting more detailed instructions at FB: @teachlikeahero Tw.

Answering Questions with lots of Maths in Biology - Data Analysis Questions in the new OCR Biology A Specification - updated Feb with the latest handbook.

Understanding Photosynthesis - Tips, Videos, PowerPoints and Pack of Exam Questions with Markscheme.

Biology ocr
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